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(With a little inspiration from Elizabeth Barrett Browning 1806 – 1861)

How do i love thee? Let me count the ways:
Silver, shimmering seaside days.
Summer sunshine happiness
In a floaty, cotton dress –
Lying on a beach in a state of near undress –
Feeling sun-bathed pebbles press against my chest,
Plunging into sparkling sea
Cool and deep and blue and free.
Greasy, garlic, blushing shrimps
Licked off sandy fingertips,
Toasting golden ends of day
With a dripping glass of Chardonnay.
Oh, let me count the ways
I’m happy on these sunny days.

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The recession has forced us to change our travelling ways,

Staycation is the fashionable way to holiday these days.

I’ve come to spend the summer in Kinsale,

Well known and loved by foodies and folk that sail.

I sit beside the Dock and look to sea,

My tummy is growling: I think it’s time for tea.

I want to eat some fish and chips and sauce.

The only place to go is Dino’s, of course.

The cafes, the shops, I’ll definitely be back again.

The nicest place, apart from the drizzle and rain.

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Soggy, foggy, boggy and wet,

Met tells us it’s the wettest yet.

Mist and drizzle, wind and rain.

Summer’s ruined: what a pain.

200 millimetres of rain did fall,

We haven’t been down to the beach at all.

Beaks and feather’s is what we’ll grow.

With wobbly, webbed bits between each toe.

As ducks we’ll all be thrilled to bits;

Happy as pigs swimming in s**t.