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Let me into your bright morning light, 

to bask before your naked white,

through the transient space of dawn,

to the end of night where dreams are born

and take you as my sybarite.


Drown me in your milky gown

upon your cotton eiderdown,

and soak me in your sleepy cloak

I breathe, & feel my senses spin,

the musky smell of snowy skin.


Entwined in plaited hymns

our alabaster limbs

are mirrored in opacity, 

frail in their transparency.


Two hearts,

their counterparts,


As through our pores their beating goes

a drumroll of carnal blows.


I’ll take you up to cobalt skies,

Can you see it my eyes?

Or feel it in my touch 

Of fingertips and lips – 

this blatant, latent lust?


So here I am, defences down, 

(you’re smiling at this amorous clown)

but this truth can set us free,

let me be me, and you be you 

we’ll find our equilibrium true.


Let me give you prurient highs

of infinite sapphire hue,

dreamy cerulean blue – 


A blissful blur of happiness

beneath my raw caress –

I’ll take you to the stratosphere

like some seductive puppeteer,

if you’ll just let me into here.


This could be our paradise:

just name your price –

Come, come my dove,

Your love fits me like a glove

My soul is bared

no longer scared

nothing spared.


You’re the one,

It’s done, 


Let me in . . .


Just let . . .


Just me . . .