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Kinsale Harbour’s prettiest sights

Are when the boats are rigged with lights –

Tinsel fore and streamers aft –

Sailors decorate their craft,

Reflected in the inky seas

Like buoyant, bobbing Christmas trees.

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Da-daa! Winner of the Bradshaw Books Christmas Poem Competition:


santa and the snowman

Beneath a haze of milky ways

And through the midnight blue,

Where solstice sunrise pewter rays

Pierce the wintry hue,


There stands a lonely figure white,

Tears run down his cheeks,

Trying hard, with all his might,

To stop defrosting leaks.


Christmas over and mercury rising,

As drops drip-drop to the floor.

Forgotten and slushy, it’s hardly surprising,

At sunset he’ll be no more.


Giggling girls and boisterous boys,

Happy hands that built him,

Now occupied with brand new toys

As twilight skies grow dim.


On a frosty breeze the sound of bells!

A golden sleighing sound

Of muffled hooves and Christmas spells

That light the snowy ground.


Here comes the Real Santa Claus

To rescue melting man –

And take him North before he thaws,

In his reindeer caravan.


With mirrored puddles all around,

As gently as he can,

He lifts the weeping snowman

Off the soggy ground


And tucks him safe inside the sleigh.

And then our cheery hero

Bellows, ‘Ho! Ho! Up, up and away!

To the land where it’s far below zero’.


Reindeer flight in the fading light

On the soaring, starry sleigh,

Towards an inky North Pole night,

Beneath the Milky Way.



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The fir-tree gleams with coloured lights

Putting on its Christmas show,

Sparkling eyes on snowy nights

Underneath the mistletoe.


The fire’s dancing in the grate

And we can too, just make it slow,

Will you be my Advent date

Underneath the mistletoe?


It may be chilly, I don’t mind,

When we run through fields of snow,

Coz later we’ll be intertwined

Underneath the mistletoe.


While the world is celebrating

We’ll be kissing, hearts-a-glow,

To the music, hips gyrating

Underneath the mistletoe


Snuggled here when midnight chimes,

We’ll sway in gentle concerto,

Grinning at the happy times

Underneath the mistletoe.


o-er, hang on a minute . . .

All that wine and Christmas drink

Has left me feeling faint and so

Into your arms I’ll gently sink

Underneath the mistletoe.


I feel myself begin to sway

Clasp me tight & hold me . . . whoa,

I think my legs will soon give way

Underneath the mistletoe.


Christmas time is such a laugh

But my head is reeling to and fro

And, oh my God, I’m going to barf

Underneath the mistletoe!

merry christmas

© Alex Barton 2012