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pooh and piglet

They’ll never hold his chubby hand

Or hear his little cry –

He was picked by fate’s cruel hand

For the nursery in the sky.


They’ve lost their little treasure –

It’s hard to comprehend,

Sorrow without measure

And hearts that might not mend.


Every tear his parents shed

He’ll see from up above,

Tucked in his celestial bed,

And know that he was loved.



Poetry, Uncategorized


Hollow waves break crowned in silver surf,

Relentless tumble onto glistening shores.

The damp expanse of mirrored sand

Reflects the bold blue autumn sky,

As the tide ebbs gently out

Leaving glassy pools behind,

Tempting chilly hands and shrimping nets

Into their hidden depths.


Seaweed squelches green between the toes,

Curious fingers glean crustaceous gems:

Mussels, limpets clinging tight,

Brittle starfish, hermit crabs.

Sea life treasures scooped in buckets,

As the tide flows gently in

Reclaiming the mini oceans as her own

And sandy feet head happy home.