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Half my life ago

I met a man

who saw into my soul;

past the fettered trappings

coddled, wealthy wrappings;

past my ego and bravado,

Balmain suits in avocado,

brassy tan and private jet,

the spoilt brat, and yet

he saw through all of this.

Yes, he knew me well,

Before I even knew myself.

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She loves those hills of rolling green,

And the barren parched-grey scrub:

That rust-red earth makes her dream,

Along a simple clichéd theme,

Of people dancing hand in hand

Across her ancient, sun-drenched land.

The golden beaches fringed with palms

Where people sway with open arms

To the rhythm of the sea

From today until eternity.

Her snowy peaks in cobalt skies

Will echo sounds of happy cries,

Of children dancing, always free,

Free from tribal tyranny.

Whirling, twirling, love as one,

Smiles beneath the yellow sun,

Or laughing in the rain,

And setting free the pain.

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pooh and piglet

They’ll never hold his chubby hand

Or hear his little cry –

He was picked by fate’s cruel hand

For the nursery in the sky.


They’ve lost their little treasure –

It’s hard to comprehend,

Sorrow without measure

And hearts that might not mend.


Every tear his parents shed

He’ll see from up above,

Tucked in his celestial bed,

And know that he was loved.



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spring equinox


For a breath in celestial time

There’s perfection in Earth’s symmetry:

Harmonious in her parity,

Poised in obliquity,

Rotating on an even keel

And balanced on the level.


In the solar system’s mystic reel

She spins with solid certainty:

No degree of axial tilt,

Spherical stability,

Along ecliptic planes

And perpendicular poles.


At our doors the springtime knocks

We welcome light and buds and flocks.

Yin and yang, ebb and flow

Give and take, die and grow.


While in another hemisphere

Many thousand miles from here,

A reverse autumnal equinox

Affirms this biannual paradox.

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Verse-tly I must apologise

For the lack of rhyme & balladry.

My mind has been prosaically blank

So I haven’t written lately.

There’s a couplet of reasons

Why I lost my quatrain of thought,

That creative efforts came to naught,

But they don’t matter, septet

To say I’m back in stanza-land.

And what really meters now

Is to wish you a lyrical day:

Happy World Poetry Day!

Happy World Poetry Day