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moving house


IF I were a snail

I’d pack my shell

With clothes and books

And toys as well.


IF I were an elephant

I’d pack my trunk

With utensils and crockery

And wine un-drunk.


IF I were a pelican

I’d pack my beak

With lamps and candles

And old antiques.


IF I were a koala

I’d pack my pouch

With carpets and paintings

And my nice red couch.


BUT humans aren’t adapted well

So I have a cunning plan:

I’ll use my brain, not trunk or shell,

And hire a Transit Van.



p.s. I’ve been gripped by a serious case of procrastination: writing poetry when I should be packing boxes 😉



8 thoughts on “MOVING HOUSE

  1. Damn, that was brilliant and cracked me up.
    Many friends of mine make very good money and store up lots of toys.
    I store up stuff in my head the same way, I guess.
    So I loved this playful poem — comparing us to other animals and them to us.
    One big party!

  2. I like this. I’ve always thought that humans are physically quite ill-equipped. No speed, no sharp teeth, no claws, no heightened senses… but the brain more than makes up for all that.

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