Do saol, do turas.*


Along the beach of life

You’ll come across

Precious diamonds.


Sometimes the silver

Edges of your world

Will cast you sparkle,


Reach and pick them up,

Hold onto each one –

These are golden treasures.


Grasp glitter when it comes,

Time’s tide is fickle

And fleeting fortune fades.



This poem was inspired by the generosity of my special Irish friends.  Thank you, girls.


* Irish: your journey, your life.


About Alex Barton
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6 Responses to BEACHCOMBING

  1. I love both the sense and sound of this. It harks back to a different epoch of poetry. Thanks for sharing your unique sensibility.

  2. Sabio Lantz says:

    Some Buddhist say “be in the moment” — but I only agree with that so that we can pay attention enough to grab the pleasures and soak in them. Well done

  3. So lovely and so wise. You have an awesome writing style too 🙂

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