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Tucked beneath the hedgerow’s shade

Safe away from combine’s blade,

She braves the gusting winds, her view

Across the field ploughed a-new.

Un-trampled by the hiker’s boot,

In her single breasted suit

Of brightest red.   Fragile but proud,

Beneath this winter gun-grey cloud,

The poppy’s purpose to remind you

Of World Wars’ One and Two,

And soldiers who still fight today

In Afghanistan and far away.

We’ll stand silent, an hour before noon,

Remembering those that fell too soon,

And die today to make us safe.

In her field, the crimson waif,

On the Eleventh of November,

The poppy helps us to remember.


© Alex Barton 2012


16 thoughts on “REMEMBRANCE POPPY

  1. thank you for sharing not only your own but also the other two poems….very stirring…i think we need constant reminding as well that there are those still fighting…still in harms way…until we bring them home…or they are allowed…we see casualty reports in the paper but…i appreciate your verse…and theirs…and thank you to all that served…

  2. Thanks so much for the deep red poppy of your poem and sharing the Owen and Brooke. The Owen is one of my favorites ever. (I posted a much more gruesome one with the prompt – The Last Laugh -which I don’t think is such a beautiful poem, but gives a rather vivid picture of the war.)

    Agh. So sad. And your poem describes the little poppy, which thankfully is not trampled, but also not always noticed. k.

  3. J Cosmo Newbery says:

    Beautifully captured. I take point with one issue – they don’t always die to make us safe; they died because a politician sent them in to enact his or her wishes. Sometimes honourable, often not.

    • Thanks for reading – I hear what you say. The ‘make us safe’ line fitted with the benevolent mood of the poem. I would also add, though, that in the West conscription does not exist and most soldiers on active service today believe that they are making a difference in some way (and if they don’t like it they are free to leave the army, and it’s up to the electorate to make sure that politicians sending soldiers to pointless wars are voted out!). An emotive subject indeed . . .

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