Morning lids flutter

Sensing empty space

Abandoned by you

 * * *



Dulls pain but not sensation

Frozen, but conscious

 * * *

Being a fresher to the blogosphere, this is my first attempt at taking part in a poetic ‘prompt’.  The prompt comes from Haiku Heights and the theme was ‘conscious’.  Actually, it’s strangely addictive writing haiku and far from being a challenge, I find the strict syllabic rules oddly helpful.  The haiku I’ve posted are my two favourite that I came up with today – I couldn’t decide which one I preferred as they are completely different!  I’ve really enjoyed reading the other submissions and the diversity of thought prompted by a single idea . . .



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10 Responses to 2 HAIKU

  1. brudberg says:

    Like the second one. A little eerie but splendid.

  2. Very clever, great for a first attempt at haiku heights! I love the second one especially.

  3. Write Girl says:

    I enjoyed both haiku and when you read them together, they compliment each other very nicely. Nice take on the prompt.

  4. MamaTim says:

    I think yours are wonderfully written. I am also new to haiku *shake hands*. – ♥

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