Hollow waves break crowned in silver surf,

Relentless tumble onto glistening shores.

The damp expanse of mirrored sand

Reflects the bold blue autumn sky,

As the tide ebbs gently out

Leaving glassy pools behind,

Tempting chilly hands and shrimping nets

Into their hidden depths.


Seaweed squelches green between the toes,

Curious fingers glean crustaceous gems:

Mussels, limpets clinging tight,

Brittle starfish, hermit crabs.

Sea life treasures scooped in buckets,

As the tide flows gently in

Reclaiming the mini oceans as her own

And sandy feet head happy home.


About Alex Barton

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8 Responses to LOW TIDE

  1. Annie Tundo says:

    Love it Lexie!! You always were a sea girl! XX

  2. brian miller says:

    reclaiming the mini oceans….ha…there is so much life in the tide pools…we like to explore them when we get a chance to go…missed out this year but you took me there for a moment in your verse….

  3. So visceral and evocative.

  4. Patti says:

    Lovely images of the beach here. I am an avid “collector” on the beach, so this flt very familiar. I could almost feel the sand squishing between my toes and smell the sea.

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