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Summer’s twilight melts

Shadows of circular bales

Golden stubble shorn

Russet shivering boughs

Evenings close to dewy nights

Autumn’s cool wind blows



(photos accredited to www.freefoto.com)


One thought on “2 SEASONAL HAIKU

  1. I am Yahweh as a boy I was haying with my paternal grandfather
    These giant round bales may reduce human labor
    And eliminate storage in barns and fires
    But when there is no Gasoline
    When a tractor is idle
    Horses again
    i am
    i am
    a farmer
    Elohim i am
    Yahweh father
    of the coming Messiah
    His name is Peace and Happiness
    Peace Masaya Mallett a renewer yes I go haying
    Revere the sun, and the sunny day, no rain in site, stack the bales
    Drink water from a spring, and a mans work is never done on a farm Selah.

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