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There were Nine of Us

In the Big Red Bus

Kids got Left Behind

Dads’ stressed? We Don’t Mind!

Whizzing along the Kerry Way

Wanderhome Cottage is where we’ll stay

Linger over coffee or go for a hike

Two days of freedom to do as we like

Craggy moors tumble down to the shore

Moss covered forests hide fairies and folklore

Dinner and drinks in a beach-bar shack

Back home for chat, giggles and craic

Awoken by sun and sparkling seas

Azure blue sky and a warm summer breeze

Beara Peninsular’s heavenly views

Sprawled on the lawn reading the news

Into the beautiful ocean we dive

The chilly clear water makes you feel so alive

Exploring the fort of yonder year

The horizon reaches to eternity from here

Tasty tapas and copious wine

Lunch at The Boathouse was simply divine

Golden shadows led the way home

See you next year in Barcelona or Rome

(special thanks to SHARON and THE GIRLS!)


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