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The recession has forced us to change our travelling ways,

Staycation is the fashionable way to holiday these days.

I’ve come to spend the summer in Kinsale,

Well known and loved by foodies and folk that sail.

I sit beside the Dock and look to sea,

My tummy is growling: I think it’s time for tea.

I want to eat some fish and chips and sauce.

The only place to go is Dino’s, of course.

The cafes, the shops, I’ll definitely be back again.

The nicest place, apart from the drizzle and rain.

Poetry, Uncategorized


ImageThis time KP is out of luck;

Bowled for nought, out 4 a duck.

Shouldn’t have opened his big Bokkie mouth,

And sent those texts 2 the yokes down South.

“Captain Strauss & the ECB

Have really got it in 4 me.

Just because I called him a ‘doos’

I’m stumped & know that I will lose

My place on the England Cricket Team.

Don’t give a toss: of what I dream

Is playing 4 the IPL,

While Flowers & Co. can go 2 hell”.