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Capital of Cool,

Londoners Rule.

Isle of Wonder,

Percussion like thunder.

Hold on to your hats, sit tight,

Its going to be one hell of a night.


Rolling green hills,

Dark satanic mills.

Metamorphosing stage,

Dance of a digital age.

Five rings forged from iron ore,

Spectators sat in silent awe.


Her Majesty jumped,

Dizzee Rascal pumped.

Isambard Brunel,

Industrial revolution hell.

Churchill, Bond, Edward Elgar,

Arctic Monkey’s played guitar.


Soldier & Suffragette,

All jonied in pirouette.

Sixties groovers,

Shakers, movers.

Don’t forget two World Wars.

Choreography, lyrics & scores.


Literary passion,

Six decades of fashion.

JK Rowling read aloud,

Mesmerised the crowd.

Sick children snuggled into bed,

Smiles beaming & tears shed.


Shakespeare, Berners-Lee,

Fireworks: a sight to see.

Tubular bells rang,

Deaf children sang.

Chariots of Fire with Mr Bean,

What an athlete he could have been!


Olympians marching past,

Swelling nations’ hearts.

Each & every athlete

Poised, ready to compete.

The gigantic flag raised,

Unique individuals praised.


Brightly lit speed boat zipping along,

Fourteen hundred miles, still going strong.

Beckham presented the final flame,

To Sir Steve Redgrave of rowing fame.

He arrived in the stadium to thunderous applause,

Greeted by builders, shouts and roars.


Memories of the past,

Dreams that will last.

Danny Boyle’s imagination

Could inspire a generation.

Macca, Englands favourite dude,

Made us sing along, Hey Jude.


Lord Coe spoke: ‘Hip Hip Hurray,

The Thirtieth Olympiad begins today!’.

Burning petals raised to the sky,

Unified inferno burns up high.

Sport makes brothers of all of us:



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